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The Milford SmartBase and Wall Bracket

Options for your Milford Person Lift

Extend the usefulness of your Milford Person Lift with either the Milford SmartBase mobile base unit which breaks down into easily manageable parts or with wall brackets which can easily be fixed to any solid brick wall.

 Milford SmartBase

Milford SmartBase

This mobile base unit gives you freedom and independence; Not only in your own home but it also enables you to take the Milford Person Lift anywhere you'd like, friends houses, on vacation or even in a camper or RV. The SmartBase breaks down into four pieces, each weighing less than 11 lbs and can be assembled in approximately two minutes.

  • Take anywhere
  • Works on a variety of floor surfaces (including carpets)
  • Ideal for home, office and hotel
  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple lifts on the battery pack
  • Simple to flat pack away

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Milford Wall Bracket

The wall bracket once again utilises the arm of the Milford Person Lift and can be used in more confined areas within the home, where the mobile base is perhaps not suitable.