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Compare the Olympian AutoLift's full range of features with Harmar's inside scooter lifts

With a wide range of features exclusive to the Olympian Auto Lift you can clearly see why it's become such a popular  product.

View the Olympian Auto Lift's full range of features compared with Harmar inside wheelchair lifts and see for yourself why the Olympian Auto Lift is quickly becoming the popular choice for people with reduced mobility.

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Fully powered operation. Up, down, in
and out.

Fully powered lifting, rotation and extending
Fully powered lifting and rotation

Lifting Capacity

Available in 260lbs and 440lbs capacity
(Highest Capacity In The World)

400 lbs capacity
(Upgradeable to 425lbs at extra cost)

250lbs capacity

Installed Weight

Installed weight 58lbs
(Lowest Installed Weight)

Installed weight 114lbs
Installed weight 82lbs


Unit height, reach, length. Can be adjusted
to fit most auto sizes and scooters & wheelchairs
(Total Adjustability)

Adjustable boom height, length and pitch
Adjustable boom height, length and pitch

Available Colors

Available in Carbon Classic, Brilliance
Blue & Radiance Red.
(Only Lift With A Choice Of Colors)


Available Vehicles

Minivans, SUV's, CUV's,  Full-size Vans, Economy-Cars, Hatchbacks, Wagons
(Widest Range of Autos Available)

Mini-vans, full sized vans, SUV’s & pick-up trucks. Fits other specialty vehicles.

Minivans, SUV's, Pickup Trucks,
Full-size Vans

Is it Removable?

Yes. Can be taken off of the mounting post allowing complete access to storage area.
(The Only Removable/Stowable Lift)

No. Fixed in place.
No. Fixed in place

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