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Olympian AutoLift Lifting capactiy

The Olympian Auto-Lift is the highest lifting interior wheelchair and scooter lift in the world, with a maximum lift capacity of 440lbs, 15lbs more than Harmar's heavyweight upgrade on their heaviest lifting hoist available. That means very large scooters and powerchairs can be lifted.

Olympian AutoLifts are available in two weight capacities 260lbs and 440lbs, all varieties of scooter and wheelchair are covered. The Olympian AutoLift is capable of lifting up to 440lbs as standard, there are no "additional fees" or "upgrades" to pay if your scooter or wheelchair is on the heavier side.

Never be told your scooter or powerchair is "too big" again with the Olympian AutoLift, the only wheelchair or scooter lift that can lift over 400lbs as standard.

Olympian AutoLift available vehicles

The Olympian Auto-Lift is the highest lifting inside vehicle mobility lift in the world and offers superior levels of adjustability to other comparable internal scooter lifts.

Thanks to its excellent adjustability, the Olympian AutoLift can be fitted into a wide range of autos and vehicles. Vehicles such as station wagons, hatchbacks and economy autos in addition to regular minivans, SUVs, crossovers and full sized vans are suitable for the Olympian AutoLift.Olympian AutoLift lifting a scooter

The Olympian AutoLift succeeds where others fail because of its unique design. Unlike the Harmar range of inside wheelchair lifts which are almost like cranes, the Olympian AutoLift lifts your scooter or wheelchair with a lifting arm, rather than on the end of a cable or strap.

This is advantageous because the lifting arm can be adjusted to reach over drop down tailgates, extended bumpers and fenders or other difficult openings. The majority of other inside wheelchair lifts have a fixed boom length or offer extending booms as an additional option or exclusively on top of the range models.

As a result, an even greater range of scooters or wheelchairs can be fitted into a wider selection of autos than ever before, as standard without the addition of extending booms or top of the range prices.

Don't get left out because your auto is too small or your scooter is too big for a conventional internal scooter lift.

The Olympian Auto-Lift is designed to make lifting and loading your wheelchair or scooter as easy and hassle free as possible. From its quick and easily attached scooter bracket to its simple five button remote, everything about the Olympian AutoLift is easy to operate, ensuring fast, safe and simple operation.

Once again the Olympian AutoLift's unique design means the lifting work is done by the units lifting arm, allowing for minimal movement in windy or difficult conditions.  This means less effort is required by the user to keep the scooter or wheelchair steady when in use.

Its unique removable mounting system means the Olympian AutoLift can be removed from its mounting post with ease. When the Olympian AutoLift is not in use, you can take it out and make full use of your auto's trunk or luggage space. Harmar's range of interior vehicle lifts are fixed in place, taking up considerable luggage space and restricting your auto's carrying capacity.

Thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction the Olympian AutoLift 440 weighs an astounding 56lbs less than Harmar's top of the range lift once installed in your auto. The dramatic saving in weight will benefit both your fuel economy and your vehicles performance and carrying capacity, ultimately resulting in an overall reduction in the running cost of your auto.

The Olympian AutoLift also incorporates plastic coating in specific areas to prevent scratches, scuffs or damage to your vehicle bodywork or trim.

It is these unique, insightful and highly beneficial features that make the Olympian AutoLift such a popular and dependable interior wheelchair lift.

Olympian AutoLift design and style

Combining form and function, the Olympian Auto-Lift is not only capable of lifting incredible weight loads into a wide range of autos, it is also stylish and appealing to look at. Made from advanced materials and styled to complement and enhance your auto's interior, the Olympian AutoLift incorporates style and appearance into its overall design.

Exclusively from Autochair, the Olympian AutoLift is the only inside wheelchair or scooter lift in the world to offer a choice of colors. Available in four colors, Carbon Classic, Radiance Red, Brilliance Blue and Passionate Pink, the Olympian AutoLift gives you the choice to customize and personalize your inside mobility lift to suit you!

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