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Find out why we think the Olympian AutoLift is in such high demand

The Olympian AutoLift is a premier interior wheelchair vehicle lift, offering great styling, a range of colors and an unsurpassed lifting capacity.

We compared the Olympian AutoLift with Harmar's main scooter and wheelchair inside lifts. As you can see, the Olympian AutoLift offers significantly more than any Harmar Lift.


Olympian AutoLift

Harmar Interior Lift 1

Harmar Interior Lift 2

Powered Operation

Adjustable Design

Highest Lift Capacity In The World

Lightweight Lifting Unit

Stylish Design

Available In A Range Of Colors

Removable When Not In Use

Fits Into Compact Autos


Learn more about the Olympian AutoLift

For additional information such as specifications, measurements and features when compared with Harmar Interior wheelchair lifts visit our quick comparison page. For a complete run-down of the Olympian AutoLift and its full range of features and benefits visit our detailed comparison page.

Choose whether you would like to visit our quick comparison or our detailed comparison against similar Harmar wheelchair lifts. You can also request the Olympian Auto Lift prices and literature.

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