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The only interior wheelchair lift with a choice of colors

Colored Inside Scooter Lift

The Olympian AutoLift is available in a range of colors, including Brilliance Blue, Radiance Red and Classic Carbon. This makes the Olympian AutoLift the only inside wheelchair lift in the world available with a choice of colors.

Highest Capacity Inside Lift In The World

Not only is the Olympian AutoLift the only interior auto lift in the world to offer a choice of colors, it also has the highest lifting capacity of any internal wheelchair lift on the market at 440lbs. It can also be installed in a range of autos, from minivans and SUV’s to station wagons and family autos.

Fully Transferable

In addition to its superb range of available autos, it is fully transferable. There’s no need to get a totally new inside auto-lift if you get a new auto, the Olympian AutoLift can be swapped over saving you hundreds of dollars.

Olympian AutoLift Use and Operation

Olympian AutoLift powered operation

The Olympian AutoLift is powered from your autos battery, ensuring a reliable and consistent energy source without the need for regular battery changes or charges. With fully powered functions, the Olympian AutoLift will lift up and down and move in and out without any effort from the user.

Controlled by a simple five button hand control (on/off, up, down, in and out) the Olympian AutoLift makes loading your wheelchair, powerchair or scooter a simple and stress free task.

Olympian AutoLift Pricing and Suitability

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