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Ten points to consider when searching for a handicap mobility solution.



New Milford MSR $4,495

New van costs around $60,000


Travel in a vehicle seat with well-fitting seat belt and air bags all around.

Travel in your wheelchair with a seat belt and no airbags.


Sit next to your spouse or partner, see everything and talk normally.
Sit in your wheelchair and be on show and shout any conversation.


Drive any car you want. You don't have to buy a new auto or drive a van. Restricted to a limited range of vehicles. Only some autos can convert.
5 Travel with friends or family with all your luggage in the trunk.
Travel with everyone and everything in the same big area.
6 Have it transferred to your next vehicle saving the cost of a new hoist. Buy the whole vehicle and conversion again.
7 Sell your old vehicle and get the same price as every comparable model. Sell it normally at a loss, check the prices yourself in the dealerships.

When travelling you are just another person in a vehicle.

Used to be known as Pope Mobiles because you are always on view.
9 Drive an economical auto and use less gas saving hundreds of dollars.
Drive a large fuel thirsty van or truck.
10 Travel at normal speeds in all conditions and be comfortable. Travel at lower speeds, especially around bends or be thrown around.

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