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More than just a Person Hoist, The Milford Person Lift is the answer to your Wheelchair Mobility needs

When searching for a mobility solution most people choose a WAV without thoroughly considering all of their options. This is because the general opinion is that a WAV is the only option. In fact there are dozens of mobility solutions to choose from, one of which is the Milford Person Lift (MPL). When you look at the MPL in comparison to a WAV, it really speaks for itself.

WAVs can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $60,000 as you have to purchase a complete vehicle in addition to the cost of the adaptation. The Milford Person Lift costs just a fraction of the price of a WAV and can be fitted to almost any car or vehicle, meaning you don’t have to purchase a new vehicle just to gain your freedom. In addition to this, if you do choose to buy a new auto your old MPL can be transferred into your new vehicle rather than purchasing a brand new WAV or person hoist.

Wheelchair Accessible Vans sell for a lot. That's a fact. However the market is fairly small and competition is high. When the time comes to get a new van, selling your old one can be a real pain. Most people sell their WAV's through specialists and at a high loss. In addition to this there's the price of a whole new van, making WAV's incredibly expensive in the long run.

Fortunately the Milford Person Lift is completely removable, which means that when you decide to upgrade to a new vehicle it can be taken straight out and your vehicle sold as normal for the maximum resale value.


Whilst there are some excellent wheelchair accessible vans on the market, they don’t offer the same level of comprehensive safety available in a standard auto. Many of the modifications made when converting a van to a WAV require serious structural alterations. This means the vehicle will have to be reinforced or modified to make up for such alterations, often impacting on the overall performance of the vehicle.

The Milford Person Lift allows its user to sit in a conventional seat, as intended by the manufacturer. This means you get the full advantage of the in-built safety features such as supportive seats, locking seatbelts and air bags.

It also requires no structural modifications, meaning the vehicle's original structural integrity remains unchanged.


It is undeniable that WAVs offer their users the opportunity to travel in a vehicle along with their family. Unfortunately this is normally done by placing them in the rear of the vehicle seated in their wheelchair. This means they often have to shout to be heard by passengers in the front and also highlights them to the public due to the awkward arrangement in the vehicle.

Whilst some WAV's can position the wheelchair user up front, this is often done at the cost of a middle row of seats, resulting in a large area of open space between the front seats and the passengers. Again this can make communication and interaction quite difficult.

As mentioned before the Milford Person Lift allows its user to sit up front, as a passenger, just like anyone else and without having to change or rearrange the seating in the car. This means you can enjoy normal conversation without raised voices or difficulty and makes for a more enjoyable and relaxing journey.


Again the issue of comfort comes back to the seating available to the user of WAVs and the Milford Person Lift. WAVs require the user to remain seated in their wheelchair and whilst most wheelchairs today are ergonomically designed to make them as comfortable as possible, they can’t possibly compare to the support and comfort of a proper vehicle seat.

With the MPL you can take full advantage of your auto’s regular seating, making full use of your vehicles facilities such as air con or heating.

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