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The Milford Person Lift - Disabled Wheelchair to Car Transfer Solutions


Technical info:

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 330lbs
  • Total Height Range - 21"
  • Fuse Rating - 25 Amps
  • Power Supply - 12v
  • Lifting Arm Weight - 18lbs
  • FDA Registered and Approved
  • Made from Lightweight Aluminum
  • CE Marked
  • Fits almost all cars and autos
  • Sling sizes:  Extra-Small to Extra-Large
  • Can be fitted in the front or rear of autos
  • 1 Year warranty on parts & workmanship
  • Lightweight construction
  • Removeable installation
  • Can be used by the person or helper
  • Free home demonstration

The person lift with first class safety, but not the cost

The Milford Person Lift is an ideal wheelchair to car transfer solution for someone with a disability or reduced mobility. It offers simple transfer from wheelchair to car at a great saving when compared to a complete wheelchair van. Not only is the Milford Person Lift a cost effect wheelchair transfer solution, it’s also incredibly safe. This safety is due to the Milford Person Lift's ability to transfer a person into a regular auto seat, rather than into the back of an adapted van. This means that you take full advantage of the autos in built safety features such as air bags, locking seatbelts and regular automotive seats. If you want to take advantage of the Milford's great features, enquire today for a fast response.

Travel in comfort, wherever you go

In addition to the Milford Person Lift's superior safety aspects, you can also sit up front as a passenger and enjoy the company of your family and loved ones. As a result of this you get all the benefits of a regular auto such as comfortable seating and climate control. All of this adds up to a relaxing and enjoyable travelling experience, rather than an arduous and stressful task. For a more in depth look at the Milford when compared with a wheelchair accessible vehicle, take a look at our detailed Milford vs WAV comparison page.



See the Milford Person Lift for yourself

If the Milford Person Lift seems like the smart choice to you, one of our friendly Demo Dealers can provide you with a free comprehensive demonstration and advise you on the suitability of a transfer solution. Once you've chosen your solution, it will be installed professionally by one of our accredited Dealerships to ensure car industry standards for safety are met.

Disabled Transfer solutions for in the home or on the move

Alternatively, if you need a method of transfer for use in the home then enquire about our Milford Person Lift Wall Bracket. For even greater mobility, the Milford SmartBase turns the regular Milford Person Lift into a mobile person lift for use wherever you might need it. Head over to our Wall Bracket page or SmartBase page for more info.