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The Autochair Story

Meet David - Our Founder

In 1975, David Walker was involved in a car accident which left him paralysed from the waist down. With a young family, David was determined to get back to work. Back then he was the owner of an engineering company, manufacturing shot blasting equipment. In the years that followed, David was frustrated with having to rely on other people to load and unload his manual wheelchair into the trunk of his car whilst not wanting either his wife or sons (the oldest of which was only 5 years old!) to lift something so heavy and awkward. Being fiercely independent prior to his accident, David began searching for a means of him independently loading his wheelchair into the vehicle. After months of searching around the UK and much further afield, David realised that the product he needed simply did not exist. It was at this stage that David, as an engineer, decided to put his mind to developing a system that would enable him to travel independently.


The Birth of Autochair

After a year of development, the first ‘Autochair’ was made from wood and fitted to his car in 1979. It soon became apparent that wood was not the ideal material from which the box should be made and some months later David’s then unnamed gadget was fitted with a brand new, light weight, fibreglass box which also offered much better protection against the weather. This was the birth of the ‘Autochair’ in the UK.

With an ever increasing product range, Autochair is one of the largest manufacturers and direct suppliers of car adaptations to disabled people in the UK and in 2012 is a lead supplier of car and vehicle adaptations to Motability and the Mobility sector. If you would like to see our current range of wheelchair mobility and car transfer solutions, please use the button to your right.

Origins in the USA

Six years ago, David took a back seat in managing Autochair UK and Matthew Walker, (David's eldest son) took control of the business dramatically changing the infrastructure, reach of distribution and extended the product range into new segments and markets at home and abroad.

Created with the aim of giving back disabled people their freedom, independence and mobility, Autochair USA was born in early 2011.


The Journey Begins

 With years of experience and knowledge in the sector, we have developed a customer base and dealership network throughout North America. 

Since launching Autochair USA, we have created an expansive network of mobility dealerships across the US. Having a local solutions provider in almost every state, Autochair USA is capable of giving excellent local service along with detailed and relevant product information and advice too. Almost all consumers can view and have demonstrated to them the range of Autochair Products by local handicap and mobility specialists.

In favor of meeting customer demand, Autochair USA partnered with Pride Mobility Products in September 2013. Pride Mobility Products will be taking on the role of premier mobility product distributor throughout North America. Pride will be exclusively selling and distributing Autochair's great range of mobility products throughout Canada and the USA.


Every effort is made to refine and improve Autochair USA products and to gain a better knowledge of our customers needs and expectations. We have a passion for our work and the service we provide. Our dedication and commitment and ongoing product research & development ensures that we remain at the forefront of technology advancements in the handicap and mobility sectors in North America.