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Apr 04 2013

Autochair 'Likes' Social Media!

Social media - Over 1.5 Billion Users World Wide- Great for Customers and Business

With over 160 million Facebook users alone in the USA, social network sites have become immensely popular in recent years. Businesses and companies are taking to Social Networking as a new way of appealing to a target audience. It was for this reason we decided to take the step towards social networking and see for ourselves just what the fuss is about and what a success it has been!

Take our most popular update for instance. We publicized the launch of our latest product the Olympian AutoLift at this year’s NMEDA Conference on our Facebook fan page, where it reached over 800,000 people. With dozens of likes and shares as well as comments including direct enquiries over Facebook, the update proved a resounding success. We currently have just over 1,000 fans, proving that it's not just huge companies that can reach out and appeal to large numbers of people.

The result of this is that our fans get to see the latest products, offers, news and information and thanks to modern smart phones they even get our updates when they're on the move, never missing out on the newest products and releases. It also means they can engage with us, tell us what they think, provide feedback and suggestions which allow us to improve and develop our service.

They can take part in votes or ask questions, upload their photos or get photos of the latest products and share them with their friends, recommend the newest products and tell them what they like about it.  The ability to interact with and engage with your favorite companies is unparalleled, allowing  companies and customers to work together and create a better service for everyone. Why not like our Facebook page and get all the latest info and updates for yourself? Own an Autochair mobility solution? Why not send us a picture or tell us how you're getting on with it?

In terms of business, the benefits are clear and simple. Publicize products, offers, news and information to a large audience instantaneously.  As can be seen from our recent product launch, if your updates are appealing and show products that people are interested in, they can just as easily lead to enquiries as an ad in a magazine or on TV. Why not set up a fan page for your business or favorite hobby, tell your customers and end users all about the latest news and products help boost enquiries and create interest in your company? If you already have a fan page like us and we'll like you back!

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