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May 22 2012

Autochair LLC Exclusive

The Unwin Solar Restraint System

Autochair are proud to become the sole US distributor of the range of Unwin Solar Wheelchair Restraints.

With over fifty years of experience, Unwin Safety Systems are established market leaders in wheelchair restraints and wheelchair tie-downs and securement systems.

The Solar Range of wheelchair restraints is the pinnacle of Unwin’s specialist knowledge and years of experience. Manufactured to very high standards and engineered to surpass multiple safety standards, the Solar Wheelchair Restraint Range is one of the safest and most dependable restraint systems currently available.

After conducting research into the requirements of wheelchair accessible van and car users, Unwin discovered that not only do people want a safe and secure restraint system, but also a restraint system that looked good and fitted with the interior of their car (this is where the Solar Range really stands out as a restraint system).

Matthew Walker, Autochair's MD says "We look forward to our relationship with Unwin Safety Systems and to be offered such an opportunity gives us great pride and satisfaction too. Knowing that our distribution network of mobility professionals are all going to benefit the marketplace with this exceptional product range. We are grateful for  the opportunity to offer such a unique and innovative product and look forward to a rewarding relationship with Unwins, a company like our own with heritage and a dedication to quality and service."

Autochair LLC and its USA network of approved Professional Mobility Dealerships are the only mobility specialists offering sales advice, product knowledge and demonstrations of the Solar Product Range.

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