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We understand that there are a lot of terms and words associated with mobility equipment and that sometimes they can be confusing.  That’s why we’ve made a handy glossary to help guide you through the list of technical terms and jargon.

ADED - The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. Established in 1977 to support professionals delivering driving education and training to those with disabilities.

Anchor Solutions – Restraint systems for mounting onto floor anchors. (See Restraint System, Solo Anchor)

ATF – Aluminum Track Fitting. A quick release rail track fitting device for mounting restraint systems to a floor rail in a WAV. Developed by Unwin Safety Systems. (See Unwin)

BBB – Better Business Bureau.

BBB Accreditation - If a business has been accredited by the BBB, it means BBB has determined that the business meets accreditation standards which include a commitment to resolve any consumer complaints.

Demo Dealer– An Autochair dealer with a range of products in store.  They are capable of giving demonstrations to customers.

Driving Controls – Additional or replacement controls fitted into your vehicle in order facilitate your disability and make driving your auto easier.

FDA Registered – This means that a product or piece of equipment has been recognized by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration Agency as a reliable and quality product safe to be used by the general public.

Handicap Accessible Devices - Equipment or devices for aiding a person with reduced or limited mobility.

Handicap Mobility Equipment - See Handicap Accessible Equipment, Mobility Equipment

Karabiner - A karabiner is a metal fastener with a sprung gate used to quickly connect components in safety-critical situations. They offer superior levels of safety because they cannot become accidentally unattached.

KIT-07768-B – An Unwin Solar Restraint Kit for rail fitting. Contains four Solar Quattro tie downs, a retractable occupant restraint and four floor pocket rail protectors. (see Restraint Kit, Solar Quattro, Unwin)

KIT-07769-B – An Unwin Solar Restraint Kit for floor anchor fitting. Contains four Solar Quattro tie downs, a retractable occupant restraint and four Solo Anchor floor mounts. (see Restraint Kit, Solar Quattro, Solo Anchor, Unwin)

Milford Person Lift - A lightweight electronic hoist for transferring a person from a wheelchair into a car or vice versa. Can also be mounted onto a wall bracket allowing for transfer in the home.

Milford SmartBase – A mobile base unit for the Milford Person Lift. Allows the user to transfer from any sitting position into another without the use of multiple lifts or hoists.

Mobility Equipment - A piece of equipment or device for aiding people with reduced mobility. Can be used to refer to a broad range of products or services.

NMEDA –National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. NMEDA is a nationwide association of mobility equipment dealers, suppliers and manufacturers. The organization has over 600 members who must adhere to strict industry standards as well as NMEDA’s own guidelines.

Occupant Restraint – A system used for securing the occupant of an auto in the event of a crash. Otherwise known as a seatbelt. Can be used to refer to both a standard seatbelt or one for use in a wheelchair restraint system.(see Restraint Kit).

Person Lift - A powered lift that is used to transfer someone from one position into another. (See Milford Person Lift)

Person Hoist – See Person Lift

Rail Track Solution – Restraint systems for mounting onto floor rails. (See Restraint System, ATF)

Restraint System – A kit or system used for fastening and securing a manual or powered wheelchair into a wheelchair accessible van. Usually consists of a combination of straps or harnesses to fasten the chair to the floor of the vehicle.

Restraint Kit – A collection of restraint components that when combined form a restraint system for securing wheelchairs.

SLR001 Kit - An Unwin Solar Restraint Kit for rail fitting. Contains four Solar Quattro Tie Downs and an occupant restraint. (See Restraint Kit, Unwin, Solar Quattro)

SLR050 Kit - An Unwin Solar Restraint Kit for floor anchor fitting. Contains four Solar Quattro Tie Downs and an occupant restraint. (See Restraint Kit, Unwin, Solar Quattro)

SmartTouch - A driving aid that consists of a steering wheel spinner knob and a control unit with three programmable buttons to allow for multiple functions to be operated single handedly. This allows for individuals with reduced mobility to drive with ease and confidence.

Solar Range – A restraint system range from Unwin Safety Systems. Engineered to incorporate high safety standards and a styling similar to that of standard vehicle occupant restraint. (See Restraint System)

Solar Quattro – A wheelchair tie down. Consists of a length of nylon webbing similar to a seatbelt, with a Karabiner clip for attaching to wheelchairs. This webbing is attached to a retractor similar in design to those on standard auto seatbelts.  Included as part of the Solar Range and features the same unique styling and high safety standards. (See Solar Range, Tie Downs)

Solo Anchor - A floor anchor from Unwin Safety Systems. Made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. (See Unwin)

Tie Downs – A system for securing a wheelchair or powerchair to the floor of a wheelchair accessible van. Usually consists of a set of webbing belts anchored to the floor of the vehicle which fasten to the wheelchair to prevent movement. Can also be used to refer to an individual part of a restraint system e.g. Solar Quattro (See Solar Quattro, Restraint System, Occupant Restraint)

Unwin - Unwin Safety Systems. Manufacturers of wheelchair safety equipment with a 50 year heritage and a worldwide market. Autochair LLC have exclusive rights to distribute the Solar Range (See Solar Range) in the U.S.

WAV - Wheelchair Accessible Van. A van or auto that has been modified to allow easy entry and travel by a wheelchair user. Often incorporate a wheelchair restraint system for securing the wheelchair in the van. (See Restraint System)

Wheelchair Restraint - One of the various terms used to refer to restraint systems. (See Restraint System.)

Wheelchair Securement - Another term for a restraint system. (See Restraint System)


If our explanations of terms or concepts regarding our products are still a little confusing, please do give us a call, Toll Free on 1 (855) 288-6242 and we'll be glad to explain things for you.